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Rainscreen Systems

PSP are able to work in synergy with your supply chain at the early design stages to assist in achieving a truly outstanding facade solution that meets all aesthetic and technical requirements.

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of integrated metal rainscreen facade systems that can be adapted to suit specific client needs to provide a visually stylish solution for almost any building.

Our systems have been CWCT tested ensuring they meet rigorous industry standards and are resilient to extreme weather conditions. PSP’s standard rainscreen systems are fully drained and ventilated which means they are designed to allow ventilation and drainage to the panel/wall cavity (in line with standard rainscreen principles). Our well-designed panels allow airflow through the cavity to assist with water removal which then drains out at the base and also allow for both floor and thermal movement.

Achieving rapid installation times, material choices include aluminium, composite, zinc, stainless steel, COR-TEN® and many others.

PSP Architectural Systems:

Matrix SF

Matrix SF rainscreen system is available in a range of materials and special features include pressings and louvers which can be manufactured to match to the panels. Panels can be manufactured in lengths up to six metres.

Matrix SFM

Matrix SFM is a CWCT tested rainscreen system based on Matrix SF but includes mullions for structural support. Panels are available in a range of materials such as Stainless Steel and are manufactured in lengths up to six metres.

Matrix IP

Interlocking plank rainscreen system can be laid vertically or horizontally and are developed to provide a single skin panel at an economical price based on narrow face widths. Pressings and louvers can be the same material as the panels.

Matrix SFC

Matrix SFC rainscreen system is made of pre-coated metal composite materials such as ACM, ZCM, CCM and is manufactured on our flatbed CNC machine offering high tolerances and sharp folds.

Matrix SFCM

This CWCT tested Matrix SFCM rainscreen system is based on the Matrix SFC system which uses pre-coated metal composite materials but includes mullions for structural support. Available in a range of finishes.

Matrix Mosaic

Cladding system that can be personalised using specialist machinery to incorporate bespoke patterns which can reflect local landmarks, pay tribute to the area’s heritage or simply represent the building’s use or the occupants within.

Not Quite What You Are Looking For?

In addition to our standard fabrications, PSP specialise in the design, engineering and manufacture of bespoke fabrications in a range of A1 & A2 fire rated materials such as steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and brass.

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