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Changes to J57S 30th November 2016

Change to J57S®

J57S® is widely regarded as the premium anodising-quality aluminium for architectural applications, used in all PSP products when required. It has been more-or-less the same product since it’s conception some 40 years ago. Through close relations with our suppliers, we have gained the knowledge that a new, enhanced version of this material has recently been introduced into the market place; J57S UP®. Novelis have released this new material to keep up with current high volumes and to better reflect present-day architectural requirements.

For your reference and reassurance, we have supplied full technical data below however, in short, the formulation of the material has been amended meaning that the aesthetic finish of the product is more metallic in its mill finish format; when anodised, it has a brighter, higher gloss finish. To better demonstrate the difference, the original J57S® has 15-19 gloss points, whereas the new J57S UP® has 25-30 gloss points which is considerably higher. This alteration is more in keeping with the demand for a more vibrant, more metallic, more alive surface and further differentiates the new J57S UP® from the competition.

Furthermore, the warranty from the manufacturer and the guarantee from the Anodisers will remain the same. The product range (in terms of production capability, including 2000mm wide) and standard sizes (available in 1t lots) are also unchanged

Currently, both J57S® and J57S UP® are in production with the new product available for delivery from January 2017 onwards. Both options will be running up until April 2017, thereafter only J57S UP® will be available. This will impact upon any projects that lead up to or commence after April 2017 as a switch or combining of materials will lead to a less consistent product. Anodising tests thus far have shown that the two products (J57S® and J57S UP®) are sufficiently different and should not be placed side by side on the same façade. Special care is advised when ordering, fabricating and anodising to ensure that the products aren’t mixed.

Should you have any current projects that have started, or are about to start, using the original J57S®, please get in touch with a member of the PSP team and we can source this for you now. We strongly advise you to consider changing your order of any old J57S® to the new material on projects that are about to start or ensure that you have enough stock to fulfil the whole project before the April deadline. Availability of the old J57S® will become extremely limited after April 2017.

PSP see this modernisation as an exciting opportunity to further develop sales of anodised material into the architectural markets.

Please refer to our website for more information on our products and materials:

Performance of the new anodising quality:

  • Excellent bending properties, even with small internal radii (min 1 x material thickness at 90°)
  • Brilliant metallic anodised surface
  • Fine grained, homogeneous structure
  • Colour and gloss consistency is assured even when mixing materials from different production batches
  • Narrow tolerances of the chemical composition and manufacturing parameters
  • Enhanced and optimised anodising performance
  • Chemistry in accordance with EN 573-3 (AA5005)
  • Material and dimensional tolerance in accordance to EN 485-1. EN 485-2, EN 485-4


Technical Data:

Physical properties of the base material

  • The new material is still alloy 5005 and all the previous processing instructions for J57S still pertain to J57S UP. Only the protective film will change and will now mention the new material.
  • Modulus of elasticity: approx 70.000 MPa
  • Some slight adjustments have been made to the chemical composition (Fe, Cu and Mn) which, after anodising, presents a higher gloss finish on the material surface.
  • Density: approx. 2.7 t/m3
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.0236mm per Kelvin and meter


  • Sheet thickness: 0.8 to 3.0mm (temper H14) and 4.0mm (temper H12, applies only to J57S UP®)
  • Width up to 2.000mm, only to 3.0mm sheet thickness
  • Length up to 6.000mm possible

Fire Protection

  • J57S UP® is not combustible (according to 96/603/EG)


  • DUN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Certificate of non-radioactive AL products
  • DIN EN ISO 50001
  • EU Declaration



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