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PAS 24:2012 Certification 26th January 2017

What is PAS 24

PAS 24:2012 (Publicly Available Specification) is a minimum standard set out in ‘The Building Regulations 2010’, which all companies have to adhere too with regard to the construction of new dwellings. When PAS 24 standard products are to be used, doors and windows have to be tested to PAS 24 standards specifications and receive a pass or fail. This standard was introduced to create an acceptable level of crime-safe manufactured items.

Within section Q1 of the Building Regulations 2010, it states that Secure Doorsets should be ‘manufactured to a design that has been shown by test to meet the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS 24:2012’. Doorsets to other standards such as ‘LPS 1175 Issue 7:2010 security rating 2’ are also accepted by the PAS 24 standard. In order for the window or door to meet the requirements of PAS 24 and thus meeting the specification, they must be manufactured as per certain tested criteria by a manufacturer who has the PAS 24 Accreditation (PSP have the following accreditations ‘Enhanced Security Window’, ‘Enhanced Security Door’, ‘Window General Performance’).

Similarly section Q2 relates to the production of ground floor, basement and easily accessible windows and rooflights. Again all windows should meet PAS 24 or equivalent standards such as ‘LPS 1175 issue 7:2010 security rating 1’.

When it is a requirement in project documents, all doors and windows for residential properties manufactured by PSP Aluminium will adhere to the above mentioned standards and regulations. Full information on the PAS 24 standard and current Building Regulations is available at

Why We Have Applied

As all modern dwellings now require PAS 24 goods on ground and first floor levels, PSP have obtained PAS 24 specifications for most of our windows and doors systems including Schueco, Kawneer, Raynaers and Aluprof. This means that we can work with our customers to supply the correct materials and give them confidence that our products are up to the industry standards.

How We Applied

In order to obtain PAS 24 accreditation, we first had to contact our system houses and check that they were PAS 24 accredited. PSP obtained permission from our system houses to access relevant test data and the concerning scope documents. This allowed us to manufacture windows and doors to the supplied specification. We were then able to send these products to the testing body, Exova. Once PSP had received a pass for our products, we received PAS 24 Certification (certificates are available on the downloads section of our website) and can now can manufacture within a guideline of measurements outlined in the specification documents.

The test performed by Exova is to prove that the concerning item is resistant to physical force to a certain level and involves a series of ‘attacks’ on the item. If the item can withstand these trials, they are awarded a pass. More information on the types of physical tests that take place can be seen on the videos uploaded on our youtube channel. Once a pass is achieved, from then on, PSP will be tested on a different PAS 24 item each year in accordance to the specification given. As previously described, PSP produce the chosen item which is then sent to Exova for testing which ensures that the PAS 24 specification is met and standards are ongoing.

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