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PSP on National Building Specification

PSP on National Building Specification

With ever-increasing challenges in the construction industry, it is no surprise that factory-produced façade and rainscreen claddings are highly sought after. PSP Architectural expertly design, manufacture and supply rainscreen cladding solutions, and their Matrix range has been established as a UK market-leading solution for 20 years. Now available on National Building Specification (NBS), PSP Architectural Matrix systems offer the aesthetics, reliability and performance credentials that architects and specifiers are looking for.

National Building Specification

Used by architects and other building professionals to describe the materials, standards and workmanship of construction projects, National Building Specification is a UK cloud-based specification system that enables specifiers to work smarter and reduce risk. A specification often forms part of the tender documentation on NBS, along with architectural drawings for a contractor to price. NBS then forms part of the contract documentation for builders to begin construction. NBS was launched in 1973 and is now used by over 5000 offices.

Now NBS includes system specifications and standard details for the complete Matrix range and industry professionals have improved ease of access to PSP Architectural external envelope solutions and can explore each Matrix system in depth via this online platform.

Matrix Systems

All Matrix systems have been CWCT tested to ensure that they meet rigorous industry standards.

Matrix SF is a fully drained and back-ventilated rainscreen facade system with aluminium panels. These panels are directly fixed onto the Matrix-T aluminium carrier system with concealed secure panels.

An alternative solution, Matrix SFC is an aesthetically pleasing secret fix composite system that demonstrates the same features as Matrix SF. However, this system is produced as 4mm composite material cassette panels. Both Matrix SF and Matrix SFC have alternative systems which include mullions for structural support and are ideal for projects with multiple storeys or high levels of wind.

Matrix IP is a rainscreen single skin panel system. This uses narrow face widths and can be laid vertically or horizontally, meaning it is available at an economical price.

PSP Architectural

As one of the UK’s leading providers of rainscreen systems, metal fabrications and bespoke full envelope solutions, quality is at the core of the innovative PSP Architectural operation. From the early design stages and advanced manufacturing processes to the final delivery, the highly experienced team turn architectural concepts into exceptional engineering reality. PSP Architectural strive to provide first-class customer service and operate as a valued and trusted member of the supply chain by offering the optimum façade solution for each and every project.

Standard details and further technical information can also be located in the Downloads section