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Want to know more about Interlocking Plank systems? 19th August 2015

One of PSP’s most popular products is the Matrix IP System which is an interlocking plank system. Many of our clients use this system because of its aesthetic appeal and the speed and ease of installation the interlocking plank provides. This type of product currently appears to be one that meets the aesthetic needs of many architects’ designs for specific projects.
Although consideration of onsite handling must be taken into account, an interlocking plank system allows for the availability of planks up to a length of 12m, material dependant, as well as providing a very cost effective solution for external cladding. This is due to the planks being roll formed out of aluminium or zinc in a thin gauge material. Other materials are available for interlocking plank systems such as COR-TEN®, Pre-Coat Steel, Aluminium etc; however, these would need to be pressed planks rather than roll formed planks.

When choosing a module size there are a few important factors that need to be considered, one being commercial consideration. Each plank utilises the same amount of material for the returns therefore it is possible that a very narrow plank could potentially be considerably more expensive than that of a wider plank. However from an aesthetic view point, the wider the plank the more potential for distortion or oil canning on the face of the plank itself. We would make a suggestion to anyone looking at using an interlocking plank to have a module width of up to around 330mm with a material thickness of 1mm. This will not only give you a relatively flat finish but the Matrix IP System has also been fully tested to CWCT standards at this module width and material thickness.

Planks of a larger size can be manufactured and supplied, however, it is highly recommended that these be manufactured from a thicker gauge material. These planks would be pressed rather than roll formed therefore maximum lengths would be reduced to either 4 or 6 meters (material dependent).





Project: Commercial Road
Material: Rheinzink Blue Grey
Module size: Approx 200mm






To aid design a comprehensive set of standard details have been produced. For further information on PSP’s Matrix IP please contact our sales team.


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