Creating 42 planters for Mace Construction

Working alongside Mace Construction, PSP Group was proud to play a key role in the design, construction and installation of 42 planters for a commercial development in Canada Water.

The planters are large in scale at almost 3 metres wide each, and are constructed out of aluminium to give a striking finish. Due to their size and the complexity of the drainage system required, precision was key at all stages of the project. Its success is a great demonstration of our strong processes leading to exceptional results. 

The comprehensive design and build process saw our team take the brief and create mock versions of the planters.

This was done to ensure that every last detail was perfected before the final product was confirmed. It was carried out collaboratively with other members of the project team who provided constructive feedback and helped us ensure perfection.

Building mock ups first also helped to ensure that any potential problems were designed out before construction began so that potential costly delays were eliminated before work began.

Discussions were held over many aspects of the design. For example whether the aluminium frames should be welded rather than screwed together, and how the planters should be arranged and fitted with lifting points to allow efficient installation by the tower crane operator.

Other technical aspects became apparent through the design process, such as the exact height and location of the brackets and the location of the internal fixings, particulary those to the soffit panel of the windows below. The latter had to be designed in from the start as they would become inaccessible once installation began. 

Considering every stage of the process and using those plans to inform the design is the sort of precision and expertise that comes with long years of experience.

The project was also used to pass that experience on to the next generation and serves as a valuable illustration of how bringing on young talent can not only get the job done, but enhance the final result.

One of our apprentices, Yash Kumar, was able to not only learn the theory of how a project like this was run, but to get hands on and shape the final product. Yash received direct mentorship on site and learned the value of meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.

His fresh ideas blended perfectly with the expertise of our team and the contractors to create a set of planters for Mace Construction which exceeded expectations and now stand proudly at the Canada Water property. 

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