Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding

Aluminium is 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities. Recycling involves melting the scrap, a process that requires only five percent of the energy used to produce aluminium from ore. However, a significant part (up to 15% of the input material) is lost as dross (ash-like oxide).
Manufacturing from mill finish aluminium provides a greater flexibility, allowing us to manufacture more intricate shapes and curves due to the ability to use joining methods such as welding. In most instances by “buffing” the welds down post powder coating, these joints will be undetectable, giving the appearance of a seamless product. For anodising, it is recommended that the welds are left as laid.
Poor design, manufacture or incorrect selection of material and thickness will result in and aesthetically poor or “rippled” appearance. Contact the technical department at PSP for advice or further information on these issues. Aluminium is a recommended material for cladding, rainscreen, fabrications and planks. Aluminium facades offer the basis for some of the most striking architectural designs in the country.
Please visit our Case Studies for recent examples.
PSP stock a range of mill finish and pre-coat material in various thicknesses from 1mm – 3mm and in a variety of sheet sizes ranging from 1000 x 2000 to 2000 x 4000 (mm). 4000 to 6000 (mm) lengths are available upon request.
PSP Architectural also stock pre-painted PVdf, available size and colour options are indicated below.
None standard pre-coat aluminium is available on request subject to minimum quantities. PSP also stock a range of extruded products; please contact us for currently stocked items.

Want more information?

For further information on our PSP Aluminium systems you can go to our downloads section where you will find a library of certificates and technical information or alternatively give our technical sales team a call on 01388 770495 to discuss your project.
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