Developing Compliant, Safe and Aesthetically Appealing Building Envelopes

Like so many industries 2020 has been a tough year for construction but we need to learn lessons from the past and emerge with improved products and services to produce better, more resilient, and safer buildings. Heath Hindmarch Chairman of PSP Group considers the challenges of specifying building envelopes to ensure compliant and safe cladding and aesthetically appealing.

Building envelopes are quite rightly coming under greater scrutiny than ever before – the external facade has multiple roles to fulfil and therefore even greater consideration has to be given to not only make them aesthetically appealing but safe and compliant.

All buildings must meet Building Regulations and should provide a controlled internal environment that is protected from the variable and uncontrollable external climate. The type of facade will depend on the height and scale of the building together with its intended use – all are crucial factors in specification decisions. With pressure to enhance safety and reduce operational energy consumption now being placed on the construction industry, specifying the building envelope is complex.

In addition to satisfying the functional requirements, aesthetics is also an important part of the equation to ensure the appearance of a building reflects the surrounding environment and meets any local planning requirements together with the architectural design intent. Building designers are now demanding more aesthetic elements – an architectural approach is now an essential part of the mix, as well as a quality product that can be used across a complex array of building typologies.

There have been huge technical advancements in facade and cladding solutions in recent years and PSP Group has been at the forefront of many of these developments. As one of the UK’s leading providers of rainscreen systems, metal fabrications and bespoke full envelope solutions – quality is at the core of our innovative operation. We invest in the latest technology and cutting-edge software to optimise Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) protocols to eliminate waste and value engineer our products to offer practical yet aesthetically appealing solutions.

PSP’s manufacturing processes take place in our precision-controlled advanced factories. Our architectural and aluminium manufacturing teams also collaborate with our experienced designers to maintain premium quality throughout all processes, from design to manufacture, to transportation of finished systems.

We acknowledge that all clients require bespoke solutions, tailored to individual needs and this is our strength. By offering design as well as manufacturing services for the entire facade, are we able to minimise risk by obtaining full control and responsibility from point of design. We specialise in designing and fabricating steel and aluminium but also offer other metals and composite materials.

Reasons for Specifying Steel or Aluminium

  • Aesthetics – large range of finishes and precise colours
  • Safety – A1 & A2 Fire Rated systems
  • Efficiency – rigorous manufacturing standards to support airtight building envelopes
  • Resilience – can withstand the rigors of extreme weather conditions
  • Durability – aluminium and steel systems offer an extended lifespan

Full Service Approach

PSP offer a range of rainscreen cladding, rainwater goods, ventilation systems, solar shading, flashings, pressings and facade support systems. Their expertise extends to the design, manufacture and supply of specialist fabrications to meet individual needs. During the final construction phase, add-ons such as curtain walling, windows and doors can also be supplied – to complete the package.

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