Meeting Aesthetic, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Expectations title image

Meeting Aesthetic, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Expectations

Meeting Aesthetic, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Expectations

There have been huge technical developments in cladding solutions in recent years and with architects demanding a more aesthetic approach to the building envelope, Heath Hindmarch Chairman of PSP Architectural, considers the balance that has to be struck in meeting design, energy efficiency and environmental expectations.

A facade can make or break a building’s standing in the community. There are many that settle for conventional facade designs which perfectly meet Building Regulations and functional requirements, but which can lack identity and character. A facade’s function is to not only act as an external barrier between the inside and the outside but can also play a huge role in creating stand out and appeal. It makes a statement to the outside world which links the exterior building with the interior design. Here at PSP Architectural, we help our clients realise their ambitions through our vast experience and applying our integrated expertise combined with the most advanced digital and manufacturing technology – to unlock the potential in every project.

But in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a facade plays a pivotal role in energy efficiency – reducing energy bills for the lifetime of the building. As well as contributing to the building fabric, a well-designed facade also minimises solar gain, which in turn, reduces the cooling loads of buildings. This dual energy efficiency role is not only cost effective but is also a highly sustainable approach. 

Facades are the outcome of sophisticated technology and advanced manufacturing processes which means they are highly resistant to the external environment – making them highly resilient and durable. This resistance to temperatures, weathering, and corrosion makes facade systems and increasingly widespread choice across all construction sectors – from stylish apartments to statement commercial builds.

More than ever before, the safety of the materials we use and environmental sustainability standards – quite rightly feature in construction conversations. Our job is to manage a range of contributing aspects while meeting the clients’ aesthetic expectations.

Sustainability will dominate specification briefs for many years to come as we strive to create projects which are in line with environmental targets. We all have to play our part and I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone operating in the built environment to work to ensure each facet of the building process adapts to accommodate this stronger focus.

Greater sustainability can be achieved by looking at how a completed facade can be improved to provide a better environmental solution and understanding how to use the palette of materials and systems to balance out the different conflicting sustainability targets and agendas for the overall benefit to the project, space and users.

The future of sustainable building lies in evolution, not revolution. It will take the combined expertise of clients and consultant teams to continue to push boundaries and emphasise the priority of sustainability, utilising the technological advances which will drive the built environment forward. Through doing this, we can continue to deliver outstanding results without compromising on sustainability, or indeed aesthetics.

Our façade systems at PSP have been tested and approved by the Centre for Window & Cladding Technology (CWCT), ensuring we meet rigorous industry standards. We have made large investments in recent years and have positioned ourselves as a single point of procurement for bespoke full envelope solutions.

As a leading manufacturer in our field, we understand the importance of working closely with architects, clients, customers and suppliers to build long-lasting working relationships that allow us to provide the very best engineered solutions. Over the last 20 years we have developed vast knowledge and deep understanding of what the right solutions are for each building. Experience is everything and we feel that maintaining practical capability throughout the whole design and manufacturing processes enhances the complete client experience.

A design driven strategy is at the forefront of all our operations, ensuring that innovation and quality are at the core of our systems. We design, manufacture and supply a massive range of products including rainscreen cladding, specialist fabrications, solar shading and facade support systems using a range of different metals to meet our customers’ bespoke requirements. For the best possible results, it is imperative to choose a specialist manufacturer with design expertise to meet aesthetic, energy efficiency and environmental expectations.

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