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We specialise in the design, engineering and manufacture of bespoke fabrications in a range of materials such as steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and brass.

A facade can make or break a building’s standing in the community. There are many that settle for conventional facade designs which perfectly meet Building Regulations and functional requirements, but which can lack identity and character. A facade’s function is to not only act as an external barrier between the inside and the outside but can also play a huge role in creating stand out and appeal. It makes a statement to the outside world which links the exterior building with the interior design.

As a leading manufacturer in our field, we understand the importance of working closely with architects, clients, customers and suppliers to build long-lasting working relationships that allow us to provide the very best engineered solutions.

A design driven strategy is at the forefront of all our operations, ensuring that innovation and quality are at the core of our systems. We design, manufacture and supply a massive range of products including rainscreen cladding, specialist fabrications, solar shading and facade support systems using a range of different metals to meet our customers’ bespoke requirements.

Matrix DF, Matrix SF, Matrix SFC, Matrix IP and Matrix Mosaic are CWCT tested systems that can be manufactured from numerous non-combustible materials and finishes including:

  • Pre-coated classified as A1 fire rated
  • Anodised aluminium as A1 fire rated
  • Composite materials classified A2 fire rated
  • Post powder coated classified A2 fire rated
  • Solid aluminium classified as non-combustible
  • Solid Zinc classified as non-combustible

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