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Zinc Rainscreen Cladding

Zinc is naturally resistant to corrosion, extremely durable and low cost to maintain.

Amongst its many uses by architects, zinc is used extensively for interlocking planks, overlapping planks, flatlock panels and shingles on roofing projects.

Zinc is 100% recyclable with more than 90% of zinc used in the building industry being recycled. It is a material that requires minimal to no maintenance due to its naturally forming patina which is self-protecting and lends itself to both traditional and contemporary design, whether a new build or refurbishment. Architects frequently comment on how well the material blends with wood, stone and concrete, whilst also providing a contrast with the plethora of glazing finishes currently available.

Zinc Rainscreen Cladding

In addition, the flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with its pleasing appearance, make it the material of choice for imaginative building projects from individual homes to commercial complexes, public buildings and private projects.

Natural VMZINC
When zinc leaves the rolling mill it has a shiny, metallic surface appearance which changes over time as a natural, semi-mat, light grey patina is formed. The natural light grey zinc has a textured, luminous quality that evokes the world of minerals. It enhances the appearance of the building from the very first day it is applied and continues to do so many years thereafter.

Pre-weathered VMZINC
Pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC® and ANTHRA-ZINC® offer two different surface appearances. These are obtained by immersing natural VMZINC in a solution which modifies the crystalline structure of the metal surface at a thickness of approximately one micron. This phosphatisation treatment is a durable chemical conversion of the metals surface structure.

It is therefore not a coated finish but a genuine, long-lasting treatment of the surface.

Pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC® and ANTHRA-ZINC® are produced using a surface treatment on Natural VMZINC. As with all patinas, this change in the crystalline structure of both surfaces of the metal evolves over time.

The pre-weathering treatment completed at the plant gradually evolves and coalesces over time with the naturally formed zinc patina. To ensure a consistent finish we recommend profiling and installing the components of a new project using a parent coil.

QUARTZ-ZINC® offers an appearance and texture close to the patina developed by natural VMZINC.

The grey tones of QUARTZ-ZINC® and its structural flexibility bring out the character of a building from the outset. Appreciated for refurbishment, its natural-looking colour blends well with other existing construction materials.

Its name reflects its charcoal colour offering many combination possibilities. ANTHRA-ZINC® is covered on both sides with a surface treatment with anti-corrosion agents.

The PIGMENTO® range is based on QUARTZ-ZINC® to which mineral pigments are added to create the 3 available colours: PIGMENTO® red, blue, green and brown. This coloured finish preserves the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc whilst the coating and pigments do not in any way alter the environmental properties of pre-weathered VMZINC.

PSP Architectural offer a variety of facade and roofing products in zinc using a large unique range of surface colour aspects, our services also include technical advice and assistance to architects, main contractors and roofers.

For more information about zinc rainscreen cladding, please contact a member of the technical sales team here or take a look at our case studies here.